Vest of Tears


As a Widows Son we are constantly reminded, and embedded in our minds, that we are a Mason first and a Widows Son second.  Therefore, the phrase, “we are raised a Mason, then branded a Widows Son.  As a Mason we have our ceremonies to honor our fallen brothers, laying down his working tools in life. We look for a way to pay honor and respect to our fellow brother Widows Sons.

As a Mason you have a fellowship within this fraternity amongst men that is life changing.

Once a Widows Son there is a fellowship and a bond that cannot be broken, on the open road wherever that road may be or lead you. The greeting and respect that you will encounter will not only change your life more but will stay with you forever. Many experiences and memories being replayed in your mind as you enjoy your time in the saddle.

To honor, and as a constant reminder, of the brotherly love of fallen Widows Son in our various chapters, we have their names as a visual reminder of them on our vests over our hearts and under our Square and Compasses, along with our first Grand Master Hiram Abiff. So our Brothers so dear to us will never be forgotten. SMIB

The Vest of Tears was created to enable the brethren at certain events to have a symbolic vest. This vest has no known chapter and no known name at first glance one might believe that it belongs to a certain brother or chapter but in fact it belongs to ALL Widows Sons Brothers and the Chapters. The front right has the flag of your country and the office of service along with a name tag. On the left is the brand, Square and Compass, Mother Lodge, insignia of Hiram Abiff our first Grand Master and finally the names of our fallen Widows Son Brothers.  The back is a simple top rocker indicating our home province, the middle our Widows Son patch, and finally, the bottom: The Vest of Tears.

The Vest has had the occasion to be present either respectfully displayed on a chair, a bike saddle, on a quarried stone, or wherever it needs to be.  The vest is NEVER to be worn by one brother as it belongs to ALL Brother Widows Son.

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