Firstly, in order to join the Widows Sons you must be a Master Mason. To be one, seek out and ask one. Contacting us through this website could be your first step in getting in touch with your local Masonic Lodge and we are happy to assist you in your journey. For those who are Master Masons, the process of becoming a Widows Son is quite simple. You must first complete a membership application; fill it out, and seek out a member of the Widows Sons to sponsor your application. This may involve  contacting us to make arrangements. Your petition will be considered at our next regular meeting and you will be contacted with the result.


We welcome all Master Masons, in all cities and towns throughout Nova Scotia to join us in fellowship: as our membership increases we expect that more and more localized Chapters will form, splintering off of the Grand Chapter.


Before joining the Widow’s Sons, Nova Scotia Grand Chapter (WSNSGC), candidates must meet the following requirements;



1) You must be a member in good standing of a Blue Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia.


2) Possess valid Nova Scotia Motorcycle Driver’s Licence.


3) You must own or have use of a motorcycle with an engine displacement of 500cc or more.


4) Your motorcycle must have valid insurance.


5) You have to like riding!!!